Principal’s Desk

When we accept challenges we realize that limitations do not exist life is an endless series of challenges and education prepare students to deal with them in the most successful manner.

However these challenges cannot be met unless the student first cultivates the ability to work hard and disciplines, their routine. It will be my endeavor to create such a learning environment and spearhead a period that will complement the glorious tradition of this institution.

Discipline is the main value ethic that provides direction, the inherent with to be punctual as well as meet deadlines which are basic tenets that one has to inculcate if one wishes to achieve targets and reach goals. I am confident that a planned disciplined approach will be more conductive to achieving academic excellence

It has been rightly said that life is something of what happens to you and everything else of how you respond to it. If one has to be prepared for such a life a multi dimensional approach is essential

In this never ending journey. I would quote the swami Vivekananda.

“Never lose faith in yourself

you can do anything in this Universe.

Never weaken, all power is yours”


Dr. Anamika Jha